Check This Out: Trine 3 Announced! Your Favorite Trio Is Back!


Oh here is an announcement that I’m pretty stoked for. Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power! If you’ve never played 1 or 2, Trine is predominantly a side scrolling sort of puzzle game. You control 3 different characters with different abilities. A mage, rogue, and warrior. The mage can creates shapes (blocks, bridges). The rogue can rope swing and slow time. The warrior can charge and also be used as a portable platform with his shield. There is combat, but it has traditionally played a small role.


Currently in development by Frozenbyte in FInland, there is no release date as of yet. TBA 2015. I would imagine sometime late summer/early fall though.


The screenshots and videos that are out now look beautiful. The first two installments were great looking, too, but I imagine with new PC hardware available, 3 should be the best yet. I noticed in the trailer that Trine 3 seems to break away from the side scrolling and go into semi-3d game movement a lot. Should add a whole nother aspect to puzzle solvings!


There isn’t much info out yet besides these few screenshots and the trailer. Give it a watch! And while you’re at it, go play Trine 1 and 2!