I have a decent amount of games that I don’t care to have in my collection and have been looking for ways to offload them. I have been selling on Amazon and putting that money towards games that I want. I’ve been able to buy Ducktales 2, a New Majora’s Mask 3DS and the Collector’s edition bundle with Skull Kid figurine.

But not all things sell. I was recently pointed to 99gamers.com by a member of a gaming circle that I’m in. Since a real person that I knew had good things to say about it, I figured that I would give it a shot.

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This week I delve back into The Forest! As I’ve said before, the developers update this game pretty frequently, with everything from graphical updates and better sounds, to better mechanics and adding tons of items. There was actually a pretty nice update since the last time I posted about The Forest, so I had to restart my save (any item affected by a patch gets deleted if you play old saves). Also, the new site layout makes pictures easier to see without having to expand them. Without further adieu, join me on my adventure this morning!

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