It’s Back to the Future Day! October 21st 2015 is the day when Marty, Jennifer and Doc arrive into the future to help change the future regarding Marty’s Kids. Of course the future is a representation of what 1980s would look like if everything stayed the same, just “futurized” Hoverboards, double ties, Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, Jaws 19 in Holographic 3D. There’s a lot of things Back to the Future part 2 got right, but a lot of things wrong; Flying cars are not commonplace and the Cubs are 1 game away from being eliminated from the National League Championship Series.

The Deloreon in all its16 bit glory

The Deloreon in all its 16 bit glory

The Back to the Future trilogy is considered a classic by many nostalgic fans, but unfortunately fans of the series barely have any video games to re-play out their favorite movies. The Angry Video Game Nerd laments the Back to The Future Games made by JLN so I won’t go into too much detail here, but they were terrible games that had no ties to the series other than in name only.
In 2010, Telltale games would grace us with a wonderful Back to the Future game that included Christopher Lloyd returning as the voice of Doc Brown. Also even though Michael J Fox couldn’t provide his voice to Marty, we were given to a very good impersonator by the name of A.J. Locascio. The Telltale series has received pretty good metacritic ratings and has 5 episodes for players to enjoy.

Telltale's art style is a lot more modern

Telltale’s art style is a lot more modern

While Telltale’s Back to the Future is good, it doesn’t fall on the timeline for the original trilogy; it just builds on it. If you want the best Back to the Future movie experience in video game form, you’re going to have import it from Japan: Super Back to the Future 2 for the Super Famicom is the best game of the series.
As mentioned with the JLN series – Back to the Future has a very poor representation in the United States. The games are terrible. But Super Back to the Future 2 for the Super Famicom is dead on. The graphics of the game are very pretty and the platforming is awesome – you play Marty and you fly around on your hoverboard collecting coins and defeating enemies. The boss battles are difficult, but they follow the movie closer than any other game.

The only real problems with the game is that it is so graphically intensive that the Super Nintendo simply can’t handle a lot of the sprites so the game slows down a lot. This makes the game difficult since a lot of the obstacles in the game rely on precisely timed jumps.

If you have the means to get the cart in hand, I highly recommend picking it up. If you don’t want to spend the money to get the physical copies, there’s other means of getting this but I won’t go into it here. Most copies on eBay will ship to the United States, but beware: there are reproductions of this game online that use the American Super Nintendo cartridge – these are not official and I would purchase them at your own risk. Also keep in mind that Super Famicom carts are not playable in the North American Super Nintendo without modification. Usually this is done by removing the board from the cartridge or just taking apart your Super Nintendo and removing the plastic nubs that prevent other carts from being played.
Back to the Future is one of the best movies of my childhood and I’m glad that I found a game that brings back the nostalgia. Maybe we’ll get more Back to the Future games eventually. 2015 isn’t over yet.

The real version is on the left

The real version is below


The game that made us super excite bike about is now on sale, for $20! It is Rare Replay. There are a lot of gems on this disc to play (30 freaking radical games!), including Conker’s and BattleToads.

Pesonally I am a huge fan of:

  • RC Pro Am,
  • Cobra Triangle (a game my shitty cousin borrowed from me and sold to some other shithead kid),
  • Blast Corps (I almost 100% it for N64),
  • Killer Instinct (I had the red cartridge for SNES!)
  • Perfect Dark (Multiplayer with bots on the hardest mode and laptop guns, just try securing 1 area with your friends!)
  • Viva Pinata (Game I was gushing about when I first started working at EA)
  • The original Conkers Bad Fur Day (The multiplayer Squirrels vs Teddies is amazing)
  • and the 4 player NES game RC Pro Am 2

LOOK AT THIS VIDEO! Cobra Triangle is so BAD AND RAD! You are a boat, that shoots other boats, out running sharks, and when you end the level a helicopter blade comes out of the boat to carry you to a new level! It is everything I wanted to be when I became older, but have yet to do it because I am a loser like this guy.

Who am I kidding, that water dragon from Cobra Triangle is AWESOME!


Seriously, this game will make me eventually buy and xbox one. XBONE
There are 30 games, and the possibility of more to come! If you are a gamer score hoarder, this thing offers 10,000 GAMER POINTS!

Death Trash is a game that was recently announced to be officially in development on August of this summer. I happened to stumble on the project after a gif appeared on my wall that lead me to some random dev on Twitter, that I just happened to be following. I was immediately sold and madly in love with the project after scrolling down on his twitter page of lust and acid, the more I seen, the more I did not know how I would feel if the project ended up dieing off and never being presented to the masses.

So far the only media that happens to be out their of the game are a few gifs and a ton of concept art from a dev , that was once not sure, but hopeful, of a dream that would come to the surface and one day become a reality. Then a Few months pass and now we are here with a website, title and 30 second animated video to boot.

From what it looks like, after stalking the amazing man by the name of Stephan Hövelbrinks‘s Twitter, it seems that the project once started off as a short story game called There are no Demons, with a more short character pixelated art, that threw shade at the rpg’s of the old, before going the new modern route of Gods Will Be Watching and a few others we have come to see the last few years.

The first thing that will catch your eyes and your heart when looking at the few screen shots available to the public would be the art and if not, then it would be comedic genius that we have all been missing from a post apocalyptic game. Yeah sure, The recent fallout series throws a bit of funny boned jabs here and their, but the majority of the time it’s all dark and moody, filled with drama and pain, which becomes a little bit of a overkill with the brown settings of the wastelands.

 I am not saying those are bad things, I’m sure the project formerly known as The Isometric Role Playing Game, will include all those things and more, but it will at least do it with a fun and awesome style we have not yet gotten to experience in a game of it’s nature.

Though I am not completely filled in with the information of when the game was truly started or know if the majority of what I speculated on is 100 percent accurate, I have seen glimpses of hints at Joseph announcing coding starting all way to July of this year, The Website and Game Title announced in August and a few screen shots of a game with similar trippy art going back a few months to around May of this year.

(ScumBag Worm First Looks should be taken with a grain of salt, the majority that is written about a game other then it being developed is just speculation and excitement coming from the writer at the moment of the article being created. Think of it a little like a hyper active child jumping in front of a candy store before it’s even open, while yelling how much he’s going to love everything he gets his hands on, before he has even gotten a chance to taste the candy.)

Just give me a a collectible figure with actual articulation and a toy shotgun of the punk blue haired protagonist and I will cancel my Fallout 4 pre order my friend. Can’t wait.

Twitter  // Death Trash


Yesterday on /R/Gamecollecting, the subreddit that I frequent to see everyone’s sweet video game collections, user /u/gritzma posted what seemed to be the best score in ages. $320 for 5 NES games; Final Fantasy, Friday the 13th, Super Mario/Duck Hunt, Dr Chaos, and Little Samson. Sound like too much? Well it’s actually a pretty good deal considering that Little Samson goes for over $700 by itself. He responded to the Craigslist deal and met up with the seller at the local Walmart. A woman steps out from a Dodge Neon and shows him the games. He inspects the titles, and drives home as fast as he can to test out the games. After he verifies that the games work, the elated Gritzma posts his sweet haul on Gamecollecting.

The Holy Grail of Nintendo Games: Little Samson

The Holy Grail of Nintendo Games: Little Samson

This is where things start going south. As soon as the submission was posted, reddit’s bullshit alarms went off. The top comment of the thread upon hearing that Gritzma got the deal from Toledo was hoping that he had the sense to open up the cartridge to verify its contents before paying $300. Gritzma said not to worry because the game played. But as I’ve pointed out before the only way to know for sure is to open the cart.

So just recently Gritzma confirms the rest of our suspicions stating the game is indeed a fake. He emailed the seller and received a canned response that said:

I sold the games as is, without opening anything or knowing value. I sold to the highest value. You never mentioned anything about it upon purchase and I sold as is. I’m not sure what a reproduction is, and ok sorry you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, however you agreed to the purchase and no wrong was done on my part. I watched you inspect each game, told you about the physical damage on each cartridge, etc. that’s about all there is to say on the transaction. If you did not wish to buy them, you were not forced, you chose to and while I understand you’re now changing your mind on it, I can’t say I’m willing to do a refund if you’ve opened up and potentially damaged what was sold.

Queue sad slide trombone. Gritzma did exactly what any other new collector would have done; he took a seemingly legit deal and got hosed. The label even had damage to it to add to more authenticity. Lesson be learned to all you new collectors out there – Deals do exist, but do your homework first. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Will you find a super cheap Little Samson out there? In hindsight this deal smelled to high noon all the way to Chicago.

a picture of the board - note - it's not supposed to look like that at all.

a picture of the board – note – it’s not supposed to look like that at all.

The Craigslist ad is still up and is very ambiguous. They’re not selling for a set amount and only asking for offers. There’s not even pictures of the games.

The Craigslist ad in question

The Craigslist ad in question

So if you’re going game hunting, do yourself a favor – Buy a 6 dollar security bit that opens SNES and NES games. There’s one that opens Gameboy and N64 games as well. Spending a little now will save you a boatload of heartache and money down the road. If the person refuses to let you open the cart, walk away from the deal. Video game reproductions are shady business – be careful.

Video game stores in Chicago are not as common as you might think. Here are the 5 best Retro Video Game stores in the city


Retro video game stores are big business and there are plenty of people looking to relieve the good old days when games only had one button. But the question is where to shop? Currently the best place to get retro or used video games is eBay and Amazon. But what if you want that ever elusive instant gratification of seeing a game on a shelf, paying your money and then taking it home that day, you’ll want to go to a brick and mortar store. I have lived in Chicago for almost 10 years and I have been to every store on this list. So let’s rank the five best retro video game stores in Chicago. For the store to be considered retro, video games older than the last generation of systems (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii) must be sold and in a fairly decent supply. That makes GameStop excluded from this list even though they now sell retro titles online.

5. Play N Trade – Various locations across Chicago
Play N Trade is a franchisor based in California so the stores in Chicago do vary slightly.  The video game store offers a wide variety of merchandise in addition to video games. Some prices may be a little different depending on the area. I like going here because sometimes I get a decent deal and since the stores aren’t really that popular, sometimes the selection of popular titles is more robust. Play N Trade specializes solely in video games and accessories. The staff is friendly and willing to help out with any questions you might have.
4. The Exchange – 935 W Belmont Ave & 1524 N Milwaukee Ave
The Exchange is another Franchise company that has 2 locations in Chicago. Each location sells records, DVDs, CDs, and Video games. The difference between The Exchange and Disc Replay is that The Exchange sells new video games and other media in addition to their used stock. The Exchange has various inventory and competitive prices. I’ve gotten some really good deals at The Exchange and the condition of the items are acceptable. My best find was a copy of Conker’s Bad Fur Day for $35. Staff is always asking if you need something because the majority of the video games are behind glass. It’s really helpful that they’re always around because nothing is worse than waiting for someone to open up the case.

3. VideoGames Then & Now – 4351 N Harlem Ave
VideoGames then & now is the first store on the list that isn’t a franchise. There is only one location in Chicago.  Videogames Then & Now has a wide selection of retro video game titles and they also offer repairs. The Chicago location on Harlem also has a space for LAN parties which allow the store to stay competitive with Amazon and eBay. This store has a really good return policy and they stand behind their products. They have a heavy amount of games prior to NES era, so if you’re looking for a good deal on some Atari 2600 games, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better store with a better collection. I found a copy of E.T. still sealed for 10 dollars. Can’t beat that, even if it’s a terrible game.
2. Disc Replay  – Various locations around Chicago
Disc Replay operates on the same business model as Play N Trade – they’re individually owned franchises which means that certain promotions and pricing are set by the store and not by the corporate office. The only thing that they have in common is the name and branding. Disc Replay has really fair prices. I was able to get a Virtual Boy complete in box that was sold as parts for 60 dollars. On eBay, the box alone goes for $60. I was able fix it and now it’s worth over $200. They’re also not technically in Chicago, so the taxes make the prices a lot easier to handle. Disc Replay also sells DVDs and CDs which could be a reason why their prices are reasonable. I ranked them higher than Videogames Then & Now because of the selection and overall quality of the merchandise.

1. People Play Games – 3268 N Clark St

People Play Games is the top of this list because of the quality of their product and overall care of their merchandise. Items are tested before an offer is made and if it’s not up to their high standard, they refuse to take it. After the items are purchased, they are intensely cleaned and inspected before the item goes on shelf. Discs are resurfaced prior to purchasing so you know the game will play on your system when you get home. While pricing is really close to eBay, the amount of work that goes into cleaning the items plus a 30 day guarantee against defects really makes up for it. Even with The Exchange within walking distance, they still manage to stay busy and draw new people in.  The store has a vast selection of games all the way up to Xbox One and they sell some very rare items that you don’t see every day. They currently have a Super Nintendo Excertainment Bicycle for sale and a sealed copy of The Amazing Spiderman: Web of Fire for the Sega 32X in their glass case. The staff is knowledgeable of all things video games and they are a must visit if you plan on visiting Chicago proper.

Retro Video game stores in Chicago are few and far between, but when you find a really good one, you’ll feel right at home. Whether you’re visiting Chicago or have been here your whole life, you should stop into one of these stores if you really enjoy retro video games.

GameStop has been working on getting back into the retro game market for a while now. When it was first announced, there was mad speculation on how this would affect the retro video game market. Would it trigger the burst of the retro video game bubble? Or would it cause games like Chrono Trigger and Earthbound to climb so high, you needed to take out a second mortgage to play it? The store is now live and the prices are…. Actually reasonable. Chrono Trigger is listed for 90 dollars, 4 dollars below the average 94 listed from pricecharting and Conker’s Bad Fur Day is 80 dollars, 3 dollars below the average 80 listed on pricecharting. Of course both of these items along with other desirable titles are listed as out of stock at the time of this article. One surprising item – the NES top loader was listed for 60 dollars. Well below eBay’s going rate.

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