Reminds me of Dota

Woe to you oh Earth and sea
For the Devil sends the beast with wrath
Because he knows the time is short
Let him who hath understand
Reckon the number of the Beast
For it is a human number
Its number is six hundred and sixty six

Reminds me of Dota

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

For those of you who are fellow Iron Maiden fans, you might be excited about this. You’re probably just as likely to scoff and ignore it entirely. Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is on it’s way.

The developer who worked on Warhammer 40k: Carnage (Roadhouse Interactive) is working on a mobile game that lets you take control of Eddie, Iron Maidens iconic skeleton who adorns all their albums, and take place in different battles from the album art. Of course, the soundtrack will be provided by the band. I’d say this is a promising step towards music related video games. if you ever played Brutal Legend, you know what I mean.

Not much info is available, but keep your eyes peeled on the app market for this one.

“Pocket Mortys I choose you!” That’s something I will be saying out loud while playing Pocket Mortys starting on January 14.

IGN got the scoop on the first 52 Mortys available when the game Pocket Mortys launches.

There are some real gems. I can’t decide which is my favorite so far, but I have narrowed it down to Biker Morty and Wizard Morty.

- Pocket Mortys

Wizard Morty has those Betty Davis Eyes – Pocket Mortys

Biker Morty

Biker Morty sort of looks like the guy writing this article – Pocket Mortys



Evil Rabbit Morty

Evil Rabbit Morty pays tribute to Donny Darko – Pocket Mortys

Two Cat and Crazy Cat Morty - Pocket Mortys

Two Cat and Crazy Cat Morty – Pocket Mortys

Spoon and Spork Morty

Spoon and Spork Morty – Pocket Mortys

Some Pocket Mortys I found intereting

Some Pocket Mortys I found intereting – Pocket Mortys


The Full List of the first 52 Pocket Mortys

What is your favorite Pocket Morty so far? Let us know in the comments!

Bluestacks 2 Android PC software

Bluestacks has been around for quite a while, offering people the opportunity to use Android apps on their pc and mac.

I’ve used it a couple of times and it really is a cool solution. The main thing the original Bluestacks was missing was multitasking. It ran a very early version of Android that did not perform multitasking well. That all changed with the introduction of Bluestacks 2.

Bluestacks 2 added a large amount of new features and is currently available only for Windows PC.

The major changes are multitasking, access to device functions in a simple toolbar, and a full screen function. Using a keyboard and mouse really changes a lot of experiences on Android, especially MOBAs like Vain Glory.

Bluestacks 2 is a free download. Grab it here and let us know how you are using Bluestacks 2. The mac OSX version of Bluestacks can be found here.

marshmallow nexus el capitan osx flash

Well this was a nightmare for me. Learning how to add Marshmallow from my El Capitan mac on my Nexus 6 At&t was not easy. There are no OTA updates on At&t so I had to take the splash. I recently switched to a Nexus 6 from the world of iPhone. I’m really happy with the switch and all the crazy stuff I can easily do, but the phone drastically needed an updated to Marshmallow to help with battery life on the giant phablet and it was a sneaky feat on El Capitan.

El Capitan is the latest Apple Mac OS X update (OSX 10.11). It has some drastic changes to security of the file structure at the root level. This was something I had to learn the hard way after trying to get the “adb” and “fastboot” tools installed at the root level.

Thankfully my pain is your gain! Follow the steps below to get your OS updated and root your Android devices.

  1. Important first step that has not made it to other guides yet. You will need to authorize your mac to allow writing to the root level. Restart your mac in Recovery mode. At boot chime hold down the keys Command and R. After some time the computer will start to show the progress meter for the booting. You can let go of the keys when you see the progress meter.
  2. After it boots into recovery mode click on the “Tools” at the top and click “Terminal”. Inside the Terminal window type csrutil disable and hit the enter/return key.
  3. Reboot your mac normally.
  4. While it is rebooting you need to enable your Android device to allow USB debugging and unlock the OEM. On your 4.2 or higher Android device go to Menu > Settings > About Phone. Scroll down to Build Number. Tap on the Build Number section 7 times. After the 7th tap it says something like “Congrats you’re a developer!” Now press back and there will be a new area called { } Developer Options.
  5. Tap on Developer Options and enable the OEM unlocking and USB debugging.
  6. Now download the proper Android image for your device. I have a Nexus 6 so I downloaded the 6.0.1 image under “shamu” for Nexus 6. All Nexus device images are found here from Google.
  7. Download this zip file and unzip it to your desktop. The zip contains the “adb” and “fastboot” tools and uses a simple script to place them into your /usr/bin/ folder so they can be used in any directory in Terminal.
  8. Open a Terminal window. I like to use the shortcut Command + Spacebar and type in Terminal and hit the Return key.
  9. Now you need to navigate to your desktop and the Android folder you unzipped in step 4. Simple ways to navigate Terminal are to do the following steps: type cd ~ and press return. Now type ls and press return. You should see all the files/folders in your personal directory. If you don’t see the desktop listed you are in the wrong directory.
  10. If you see the desktop listed enter the following. cd desktop/Android and press return. Congrats you are now in the correct folder.
  11. Now type ./ and press return. This script now generates some text to say that adb and fastboot were moved to “usr/bin” which is correct.
  12. Plug in your your Android device into your Mac’s USB port. Let’s test to make sure things are installed correct. Type adb devices into the Terminal and press return. A list of attached devices should appear. If you get an error it means either the device was not powered on or the adb and fastboot did not install correctly. Make sure you followed all the steps above for El Capitan.
  13. This install will wipe your device. I used an app called SMS Backup + created by Jan Berkel. Use it to backup your SMS and call data.
  14. Now let’s start installing the new image. Unzip the image you downloaded from Google. It is likely in your Download folder. I suggest renaming the folder to something easy like shamu. Now go back to Terminal and type cd ~ and press return. Type  cd Downloads/ and press return.
  15. Type ls and press return. You should see all of your downloads and your new newly renamed unzipped folder shamu.
  16. Type cd shamu and press return. You can use the ls command if you want to see the list of files and folders in that directory. You should see a couple of files. The most important one for step 19 is the file.
  17. While in the directory type adb reboot bootloader and press return.
  18. Next you need to type fastboot oem unlock and press return. Take a look at your Android device. Follow the onscreen directions to erase everything on your Nexus device. This could take a couple minutes.
  19. Now you are going to flash the new image onto the device. In Terminal type ./ and press return. This will start the installation of the new image. It will take a while. Do not unplug your phone while it is flashing the rom. Your device will restart when it is done.
  20. Now we will lock the bootloader back for security. Type adb reboot bootloader and press return. Now type fastboot oem lock  and press return. Thing will restart and you will have a fresh new build of Marshmallow on your Nexus device! **NOTE** When I upgraded to 6.0.1 I had to go through the setup on my Nexus 6 and perform steps 4 and 5 again to get the device to be seen through usb on the mac.
  21. Now repeat steps 1-3 except type csrutil enable into the Terminal in the Recovery mode to return your root security to normal.

Twenty one steps later… Let us know what you think!

crossy road plush plushie toys

Are you a Crossy Road addict? I know a couple people that can’t get enough of the game. It’s pretty amazing that such a small game development team from Australia was able to make two of the most beloved games of 2015, the other being Shooty Skies.

Well Crossy Road plush toys are available now, and hopefully you can get them in time for that perfect holiday gift. Available are the chicken, lucky cat, specimen, penguin, and my personal favorite the unihorse.

crossy road plush plushie toys unihorse

crossy road plush plushie toys

crossy road plush plushie toys

crossy road plush plushie toys

crossy road plush plushie toys chicken

The road to the Hall Of Fame can be a General Grievous one, but it’s a must do if you plan on owning the most elite player of Madden Mobile, well at least for now. I for some reason decided to push through it in the last 3 days starting at around 2 million, Though I was planning on doing it with a gold offense, I soon realized that I wasn’t going to be able to throw or run a darn thing without bringing in some monsters to the front-lines. Though spamming is known to be frowned upon, don’t ever be afraid to spam a play that works, the haters are not going to get OBJ for you, so do what you got to do, as long as it is legit. And if those people want to put there values of gaming all up in your face, then in the future just flash your OBJ in theirs or you can just keep it classy,  just know that they will most likely never own OBJ. Because trust me, there hasn’t been one player I had gone up against that hasn’t used a play more than once and or used it again on there next turn.

 But back to the Hall Of Fame, I know there’s a few of you having trouble getting through the lower levels, but that’s okay it will eventually click, the players will eventually pop in your eyes and tell you that they suck at this or that position or on a certain play, there are certain players that exceed in bullet passes and suck at Bombs or vice versa. Learning not to pick plays that are on your opponents level will come to you over time, it helps so much when your opponent is to low on a level to counter your plays, oh, how it helps, being able to catch when an opponent doesn’t know what he is doing counter wise, will help you marvelously also, because now you can throw your favorite play again on your next turn and the one after that. There is so much that can help you so I made a some what short list on things to keep your eyes on, Don’t be afraid to tell me I’m wrong on a certain subject, because I’m not for giving the wrong advice to people, when I am trying to help.


Lets GO!


HOLD IT DOWN – My o-line was nothing but elites who specialize on pass blocking with high awareness to keep them smart and up beat with the plays

HULK SMASH – I used the the play smash a lot

TONY ROMO’D – don’t depend on deep passes so much, they get picked off, like a lot

ALBERT EINSTEIN – Learn every play in the playbook and use it to your advantage, by the end of H2H you will be a 100x better at the game then you where before and understand a lot more on how things work with your team and future players.

I CAN SEE INTO YOUR DREAMS – Know your players, example, which linemen is the first to choke and lets someone through, count how long it takes him to do that and keep it as a counting measurement for how long you have before you get sacked and have to let go of the ball.

HIT ME! I SAID HIT ME! – Take a sack over trying to get the ball off during/right before being tackled or else it will result in a fumble or a pick

BUZZ LIGHTYEAR > WOODY – know which receiver catches the ball 100% of the time  or 50% of the time, because even though you might not get picked off when you used a certain player that is 50/50 with his catches, in h2h a dropped ball can equal a picked ball because if it doesn’t fall straight to the ground it’s now in your opponents hands and that’s a run back with a 6 point touchdown for them. So choose your favorite toy carefully.

THE ANXIETY ATTACK – The anxiety attack is what I name the fourth down, the make or break. so have short or safe 4th down play ready, a few of mine are slants middle, fb flare and Edge circle. One involves my HB and the other two involve GRONK.

YOU ARE NOT SUPERMAN – About 100% of the time go for the 1 point kick over the 2 point play.

NO REALLY, YOU’RE NOT SUPERMAN – on the kick return don’t do anything fancy(spin) or juke, just run and take your tackle or just call it in on the endzone.

SPEEDING TANKS – have an amazing defensive line with high awareness, I like mine to specialize in speed, acceleration and pursuit, pursuit most of all, it will most likely prevent every pick from always becoming a 6 point lead for your opponent.

LAYING THE SMACK DOWN, WHILE IN BED – when you are not playing H2H and are defending, swap out offensive players with ones that have boosts. so your Defense will have a bit of an advantage when taking on your enemies. Also, Since I don’t use any receivers other than Dom Gronk and my HB McKinnon, It was useful to have my WR’s with an awareness boost on each of them or any other type of boost in matter a’fact, it will help your Offense and especially your Defense be that much more devastating to other peoples squads.

DO YOU EVEN LIFT MATE? – Push a lot, as in play (and win if you can) a lot of games in one moment of time, so you can rank up before anyone plays you, it usually takes someone 12 hours to finally decide to play you or even more from my experience, so I take that as an advantage to get me a ton of fans before I start losing any.

GET BACK SOME OF YOUR DIGNITY – Play your losing games, you may have lost fans, but as long as you prevent your opponent from scoring anymore and score at least once, you will get a few of your fans back, and that’s what losing games are about, gaining a bit back of what you have lost.

RUN AWAY BUT DON’T? – If someone has challenged you and they took away some fans, don’t forfeit or play him just yet, make them wait around the full time before playing them or letting the time forfeit for you, just in case they decide to play you right after to take more fans away from you.

AYE’ McFLY (The Biff, AKA The Bully) – always go back to your completed games and pick on the weakest link you have come up against that has given you the most points, do it over and over and over, they might be cracking and going crazy, but better them than you.

RUN IT BUT DON”T GUN IT – at least try one running play for every 4 drives you have per first down, if you can and if you find a weak spot, take advantage of it. The run play that just got popular is HB Counter Strength, with his friend HB blast standing right next to him, because when you find a rare gem, it will finally come and get over used by everyone else, so you have to find another one. The plays I started running near the end where HB Counter and HB Off Tackle. Also, one more thing, HB slant18 is a run to keep your eyes on while defending, when someone uses that play it works extremely well so counter it immediately.

EAGLE EYES – Watching your opponent while taking his runs, yeah, I said it, it’s possible and sometimes you might to have to spend 10 minutes before he even starts, but if you do catch them taking there runs while you are watching then you will be able to have a chance at quickly countering them and bringing them to there defeat.

LEARN HOW TO PICK-EM – Find your all time favorite play above 44 and play everyone under that level, for Smash it’s a bit tricky since you can find anyone from around 42-44 with it, so you take gambles playing anyone above 41, but are safe at 41 and under, well you should be.

LEARN HOW TO STOP – Near the end of your 10 million fan stride, learn how to stop playing, yes, if your are on your 4th down after 3 failed attempts, just save and exit and never come back to that game ever again, you are trying to gain fans to push you to the last 200-300k that you need, so keep it smart.

LEARNING WHEN TO WIN! – You have outscored your very difficult opponent, you are taking the final drive it’s 7-3, you make it to the 5 yards line, you can have another 7 points and bring up your fans or you can risk getting picked off and having your opponent running it back for 6 points and the win, yeah, it’s happened, a few times, so just learn when to WIN.

I AM THE FLASH!, NO WAIT, NOOOO! – Yeah, don’t let go of the ball to quickly, because if it hits the back of your receiver before he even turns back to catch it, it will bump off and count as a fumble, you don’t think so? Well that’s how I lost a few of my All Madden games.

GRONKSTALAVISTA – Seriously though, GET DOMINATION GRONK, he will make those must need plays a bit easier, I would say a lot, but there’s no 100% guaranteed games in H2H

NO I IN TEAM – Use everything to your advantage and don’t be afraid to change your team, being a 49ers fan I had to switch it up a bit and change to the Cardinals, Why the cardinals, will I needed to team boost which doesn’t help too much but everything counts. But why the cardinals? Well, I seen that they had some of the most elite players on the defensive side that also included a captain Mathieu that gives the cardinals +2 in acceleration. Along with Captain Mathieu, there’s also signature Cromartie, Season Veteran Abraham, Veteran Campbell and the ridiculous hard to get ROLLE. On offense there is Signature Fitzgerald and the Free Agent Iupati, but Iupati is a run blocker so I don’t really know if he will fit with a pass block offense.

GET LUCKY AND UPGRADE – If you want this, you have to spend everything you make, no saving and no getting to spend your whole lotto coin op on the one player Ferrari you always wanted, that doesn’t even have the stats you need to get you through to the next or final tier of H2H.

LEVEL UP – Don’t give your opponents the win, they will be able to counter about you whole playlist depending on your level, while they run there favorite plays on you

There is probably more I could say that could help you out with your drive to ultimateness, that I am not thinking of, but hopefully others can help you over at the best forum in gaming





In just a few days some of the most elite players will be finally getting there hands on Domination OBJ, What does that mean? A bunch of elite players with high awareness/catch players trying to keep you from getting to Hall Of Fame. Yeah, it’s not really likely, but you don’t need that one troll to start keeping gamers from there dream player. So try to get him as quickly as you can, who knows maybe I’m just making a huge thing about it.







[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B00U33Q940″]

I recently purchased the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition for S6 from Samsung directly. This is a virtual reality headset powered by Oculus. After 3 solid days of testing, I can give an accurate rundown of this device.

I should preface this review by stating that I only paid $99 for it through a deal on Slickdeals. The regular price of the Gear VR is $199.It should be noted that the Samsung Gear VR I purchased isn’t intended for the average consumer. As a matter of fact, Samsung has you click 3 boxes acknowledging that you are buying an unfinished product that might not work as intended from time to time before you can proceed to checkout. They also stated that returns weren’t accepted.  I kept this in mind when I was playing with the headset.

Laundry list of what to expect with your Gear VR

Laundry list of what to expect with your Gear VR

Build Quality and Comfort

The Gear VR is made of out premium plastic with two glass lenses, a touch pad on the right side with a back button and volume rockers. The goggles have a comfortable foam padding that keeps the device from pressing against your nose and face. The foam also serves to keep the light out and provide an immersive experience. The back strap and head strap are removable and can be adjusted to be worn comfortably. Both straps have a leatherette padding that gives a premium feel. Also this Gear VR has a micro USB slot that allows your phone to charge as you’re using it. I wear glasses and I was able to wear them while having my face in the Gear VR. I used this device for about 20-30 minutes each sitting and didn’t notice any fatigue in my neck or shoulders. I did notice that my eyes would dry out after a bit if I didn’t have my glasses on. I’m sure I could sit through a full movie before I would get uncomfortable.

The headset is a nice clean white

The headset is a nice clean white

First time use:
Using the Gear VR is really simple; you just put your phone in and the Oculus software automatically starts to install. You’ll need to create an Oculus account and add a credit card to use the services. Once the setup is completed, you’ll be guided through a quick tutorial to using your device. The start menu allows you to start up frequently used apps, go to the store, and view your library of apps as well. The start menu is hosted in a full 360 degree lobby that gives you an immersive experience.

The set makes you look goofy, but the inside is cool.

The set makes you look goofy, but the inside is cool.

The issue with new technology is that applications are hard to come by. It’s a chicken and the egg scenario – for a device to sell, you need apps. To get more developers to write apps, you need people using your device. Samsung has partnered with Oculus to get a decent amount of applications on their device, however, most of them are glorified tech demos. Here’s a rundown of a couple of the ones that stood out:
Oculus Cinema (Free):
Oculus Cinema is a video view application. On any other device, the app would be a basic video player, but with Oculus the video player puts you in an empty theater and you can watch movies on the big screen. You can choose different locations such as a home theater, ant village (you’re a tiny ant and watching the movie on the phone), Large theater, the moon, and the void which is just a large screen on a black background.
Jurassic World (Free):
Jurassic World is a two minute tech demo that you can show your friends. You’re sitting on a log watching a Brontosaurus wake up and eat leaves. The coolest part is that it’s in 3D and I actually caught myself looking away when it came up to my face. There’s nothing more about it, but it’s cool to show your friends.
Oculus 360 Photos (Free):
Oculus 360 photos is probably the best non-gaming application for the Gear VR. There are about 50-60 photos that you can view in the 360 degree environment. The photos of action events tend to fall short since the image breaks in certain parts, but the 3D generated art is stunning. Photos are of various locations like on top of the Eiffel Tower to a farm witnessing a UFO abduction.

The 3D works really well for this experience. It's like sitting in a theater.

The 3D works really well for this experience. It’s like sitting in a theater.

Any new technology that comes out needs to serve at least some purpose that sets it apart from any other gadget that you have in the house. The games that are available on the Gear VR are not some easy port of Angry Birds; they are well thought out and utilize the features of the device. Games vary from free to 10 dollars and have a variety of mechanics that range from basic puzzle solving to immersive 3D adventures like Legend of Zelda. There are plenty of games on the shop, but since I pay for my own titles to review, I was limited temporarily to free titles and demos:
Esper ($4.99) – A basic puzzle solving game in the same vain as portal – you’re a voiceless test subject who has ESP and you need to learn how to control it. I liked this game because when you use the touch pad on the right side of the Gear VR, it’s like you’re actually using ESP. The game is really basic, but utilizes the Gear VR to create a fun game.
Proton Pulse ($2.99) – A 3D Brick breaker where you control a glass paddle and hit a ball back to break bricks. Nothing too special about this game, but for the price, it’s a nice proof of concept game, but you can get dizzy as you use your head to move the paddle back and forth.
Temple Run VR (Free) – this is one of the only titles I actually recognize by name alone. Temple Run VR is the exact same concept as the Android and iOS versions, except its first person and the environment is 360 degrees. This is one of the better games that I have played because it gives you a real feel for what the Gear VR is capable of. You get a sense of speed as the game moves forward and you can also look behind you to see the monsters chasing behind you. Of course you need to be facing forward to avoid any of the obstacles.

This is a screen shot from Temple Run VR

This is a screen shot from Temple Run VR

What I don’t like:
I don’t like that the device has a habit of overheating too easily. This didn’t happen with movies or viewing basic applications, but when viewing 3D intensive games, the device would clonk out within minutes of launch stating that the device was too hot.

Also the lack of system selling apps really prevents me from recommending the Samsung Gear VR. Especially at $199. I got mine for a heck of a deal and I love it – and paying $100 less than the going rate kept me from asking too much out of my new bleeding edge gadget. Not to mention, this only works on 2 phones – the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. There’s another model that fits only the Note 4 and there’s rumors that they’ll be releasing another Gear VR for the Note 5 and S6 Edge +.

Since the display is limited to the Galaxy S6 Edge, you’re still going to see some of what users like to call SDE – the Screen Door Effect. Basically since your face is so close to the display, you’re still seeing individual pixels despite the massive PPI of 577. This doesn’t come up too often, but you’ll need computer rendered video moving at 60FPS for it not to be noticeable. Live action video takes a mega hit because most video is 1080p and when halved, it becomes 540p which is really noticeable when it’s right in your face.

Some games require a Bluetooth controller which the Gear VR is VERY picky with. My Moga Pocket wasn’t able to be recognized by the system so I’ll have to spend 30 dollars for one that is.
What I like:
It’s a VR headset. The sky is the limit to what this thing can do once I start to crack it open and play with custom applications only meant for people with PCs and Oculus units. Out of the box it’s kind of lame – but if you’re a tinkerer and like to color outside the lines, this is a perfect starter unit for those who don’t have the beefy PC to run Oculus at home. Plus it’s portable; I’m getting married in 3 weeks and I plan on taking this on the plane to our honeymoon. Big screen movies on the plane!
Overall the Samsung Gear VR is off to a wonderful start, but it’s not there yet. It will probably be another year or so before it’s ready for consumer hands. And even then, what applications will be done with it? Will it fall flat like Nintendo’s Virtual Boy? I hope not because I really want Virtual Reality to work – I hope that the people behind Oculus will come up with some killer applications that will make more and more people want a VR headset for their own. Like what iPad did for tablets.


Yes of course. The 99.99$ purchase is the 'best value'.

Yes of course. The 99.99$ purchase is the ‘best value’.

It’s seen as a dirty word to some. In their eyes, it’s seen as a frivolous waste. Something unnecessary. For others, they see an opportunity. A chance to add sprinkles on the vanilla game (see that? Ice cream joke).

No matter how you see it, or what you think, micro-transactions are a part of games that aren’t going anywhere for a while. In fact, some folks say that they will be in every game you play within 5 years. Most games these days already have them, in some form or another. So that’s what I want to do today. I present to you: The Case of Being Content with No Content.

So unless you have been living under a rock with no wifi, you’ve noticed that everything you play, from console games, to PC games, to primarily mobile games, have some way to give more money to the developer  in the form of micro-transactions. League of Legends lets you pay to unlock heroes quicker. Clash of Clans lets you pay to speed up production of resources. Battlefield 4 lets you pay to unlock all the weapons and kit upgrades (at least, most of them). Sometimes the base games are free, such as League and Clash of Clans. Sometimes the base games cost as much as a brand new AAA title like Battlefield 4. Nevertheless, you are given the option to keep playing and earning upgrades, or save time and just buy them.

Sometimes, you will hear games referred to as ‘Freemium’ or ‘Pay-to-win’. Games like Warframe and League of Legends are usually at the top of the list. These games allow you to spend money to bypass having to spend time earning in game currency to buy items. While this doesn’t necessarily make you able to win by paying, it does help out because whenever the metagame changes, you are able to shift to the new playstyle much quicker and not worry about spending countless hours farming points. I will say this: while I do support most micro-transactions, I don’t care for this kind. It’s a pain in the ass for some people to spend even an hour a day playing a game. When you need over 500+ hours spent to complete enough rune pages to play in the current meta, it just isn’t feasible for casual players. So they are forced to spend real life Earth bucks.


Some games only have cosmetic items available for purchase. Games like Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 and Counterstrike: Global Offensive. These all let you spend money to get different items for characters to wear. (League of Legends also has this). Most folks don’t really care that much, so they don’t buy them. Which is great for them. Other people like looking different or they like spending money that goes to the developer (in this case, Valve for every game). Each game has a lot of cheap items, and some very expensive ones. Knives in CS:GO are always upwards of 70 bucks. Dota 2 has special sets that are worth over 200$. The other neat thing about Valve games, is they all have a community marketplace. The prices for the items aren’t necessarily set by Valve themselves, but more upon the consumer. Items that look ‘cooler’ might cost more, depending on availability.


Then you’ve got your mobile games. Candy Crush. Clash of Clans. Fallout Shelter. Temple Run. Most mobile games are free to play (or you can pay a buck to remove ads or stuff like that). These games will sometimes limit the amount you can play in a day, and offer the chance to buy ‘gems’ (or any other form of in game money) that you can redeem to play more. To be honest, I sort of like this. It means that I can just put a few minutes a day or every few hours into the game, and not worry about becoming addicted. Some would refer to this as a ‘time wall’. It takes 8 hours to upgrade your elixir factory, so you can raid some goblins, or just wait until 8 hours are up. Fallout Shelter doesn’t quite let you do this, but you can purchase lunchboxes, which will contain weapons, outfits, or money. This means you don’t have to send out vault dwellers to scrounge up loot as much.

Here’s my bottom line on them. If I spend 30 hours playing a game I paid 60 bucks for, I say that was well worth it. If I spend 100 hours, that’s awesome. That’s over 4 days of enjoyment out of 60 dollars. I am more than willing to spend a few bucks on cosmetic items at that point. I have over 3 thousand hours in Dota 2. Some people are surprised to hear I’ve spent probably 500 dollars on it over the course of a few years. But when you consider that is 6 hours for every dollar, I’d say it’s not too bad. Sure, I could have had those 3 thousand hours for free, but now I have a bunch of cool items to show for it. It’s no different than buying a painting for your house, or seat covers for your car. I also bought the weapon kit unlocks in Battlefield 4. That’s a series I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing, but I switched over from consoles, so I had to start over. I wanted to be able to use all the guns and stuff I had, so I don’t see a huge deal in spending 30$ to have even more fun for longer.

I know not everyone would agree. But hey, I guess it doesn’t matter. I’ll be over here stylin’ in some cosmetic pixel items while you drool in a corner in pathetic digital peasant rags.