Bluestacks 2 Offers a Better Way to Use Android Apps and Games on Your PC

Bluestacks 2 Android PC software

Bluestacks has been around for quite a while, offering people the opportunity to use Android apps on their pc and mac.

I’ve used it a couple of times and it really is a cool solution. The main thing the original Bluestacks was missing was multitasking. It ran a very early version of Android that did not perform multitasking well. That all changed with the introduction of Bluestacks 2.

Bluestacks 2 added a large amount of new features and is currently available only for Windows PC.

The major changes are multitasking, access to device functions in a simple toolbar, and a full screen function. Using a keyboard and mouse really changes a lot of experiences on Android, especially MOBAs like Vain Glory.

Bluestacks 2 is a free download. Grab it here and let us know how you are using Bluestacks 2. The mac OSX version of Bluestacks can be found here.