Bitconnect’s Carlos from NY is the best meme of January 2018

carlos from NY bitconnect BCC

WARNING: These memes may make you want to invest in BCC Bitconnect.

Bitconnect is a word that I’ve seen often through the past 2 years. They heavily advertise their service and incentivize their users to do a lot of marketing for them. I never used Bitconnect because guaranteed gains on wealth are never true. I felt anything saying, “Our site will give you 10% gains every so many days” is something to run from.

A lot of folks were not like me and got into it. Yes, people did make a lot of money if they bought early on and sold in December 2017. Yes people lost a lot of money if they held onto their BCC coins from the December high till recently in January 2018.


bitconnect chart of hype and despair

bitconnect chart of hype and despair

Graph from here:

I fell on the ground when I saw this one from my co-worker’s computer. It blew my mind and made me cry tears of meme joy.

H3H3 did a brilliant job memeing up the famous Carlos from NY video.