Bethesda Hosting First Ever E3 Conference: Get Your Tickets to the Hype Train!

Today Bethesda announced they will be holding their very first conference at E3 this Summer!





Very little information is available right now, but here’s hoping for a major announcement (I mean why else would they wait until now to do this?)


I’m hoping for Fallout 4. Elder Scrolls Online will be hitting consoles early this year, and Skyrim has only been out for four years (compared to Fallout: NV coming out in 2010).


A sequel to Dishonored could also be possible.

Hell, it might even be an announcement for BRINK 2!!!! (kidding). It’s sure to be interesting. Make sure to check out the stream on June 20th (


Editors note: all those images are certainly fakes I found on Google.