PlayStation 4 Slim box

The PlayStation 4 has been out for 3 years and has so far been a clear winner in the console war with the Xbox One. Where Microsoft has been bending over backwards to get people to buy their console, Sony has been sitting pretty on their piles of money. Three years in this current console generation is a long time to go without a refresh. There have been rumors of a more powerful PlayStation 4, but it looks like user “memoryman3” on reddit have stumbled upon the slimmed down and possibly cheaper refresh of the current PlayStation 4 model. But are the pictures legit? You be the judge.

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Gamers Entitled

Some people like to complain. But does that make them entitled?


The video game fandom loves and hates games at the same time. Every time a new hyped video game comes out there’s going to be a side that loves it and another who wishes it had everything that they had originally asked for. If that side doesn’t get their way, there’s usually a big uproar about it on the internet. Which usually begs the question; are video gamers acting too entitled?

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