When I was a kid, my parents didn’t buy me too many games. I usually got one or two a year and if I wanted to play the latest and greatest, I would have to rent them from the local rental store, “Alltendo” This store only rented video games. The owner boasted about having every game from NES to Turbo Grafx. Alltendo boasted having over 500 games to choose from and multiple copies of each and the cost was 5 dollars for 5 days which included the manual.. I used to play Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past so much, that I knew which copy had my saves on it. Super Mario Kart was a big one too. I rented that so much, my parents bought it for me because it was cheaper that way. Mega Man 7 and Mega Man X were fun to play and I wish 10 year old me had enjoyed them even more since Mega Man 7 is so ridiculously expensive nowadays.

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I have a decent amount of games that I don’t care to have in my collection and have been looking for ways to offload them. I have been selling on Amazon and putting that money towards games that I want. I’ve been able to buy Ducktales 2, a New Majora’s Mask 3DS and the Collector’s edition bundle with Skull Kid figurine.

But not all things sell. I was recently pointed to 99gamers.com by a member of a gaming circle that I’m in. Since a real person that I knew had good things to say about it, I figured that I would give it a shot.

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Nintendo has dropped the price of its 3DSXL console to $174.99 on its website in anticipation to the release of the NEW 3DSXL on Friday the 13th.

Right now the price is only available through Nintendo’s website, but it’s only a matter of time before big box retailers like Best Buy and Target follow suit. There are some rumors that the 3DSXL will be discontinued in favor for the NEW 3DSXL, but Nintendo hasn’t said if that’s true or not. The lack of an included charger with the NEW 3DSXL has lead me to believe that this sale is targeted towards customers looking to upgrade instead of new users.

While the 25 dollar difference would be appealing to gamers looking to save money, I would point out that the NEW 3DSXL offers way more than $25 dollars in upgrades.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix is working with Nintendo to develop a live action Legend of Zelda series. The source is saying that it’s going to be a family friendly Game of Thrones, as if that’s possible.

I’m not sure how I feel about this rumor. What would Link say?! The 1989 animated series had Link as a loud mouth buffoon always getting himself into trouble while trying to get in bed with the snooty Princess Zelda.

It will be interesting. I hope it’s more in line with the Link to the Past comic series that was in issues of Nintendo Power. If you want to check that out, you can pre-order it on Amazon as one graphic novel.


Hey sportsball fans! Did you know that a big championship game is coming up this Sunday? The 49th Super Bowl is this Sunday. The New England Patriots vs the Seattle Seahawks. It should prove to be a good game. The Seahawks are coming off of a surprise comeback win against the Green Bay Packers and they’re looking to win their second Super Bowl title in a row. The Patriots made easy work of the Colts, but not without controversy. They’ve been accused of deflating balls to increase grip. While both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick deny reports of any wrongdoing, the balls will be firmly held.

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I work part time at a retro video game store. It’s not all glitz and glamour like they make it out to be in the movies, but I do get to learn a lot about video games that I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. One of my responsibilities is cleaning the games and systems that we get from trade-ins. While some games are in an acceptable condition, a lot have been stored in a basement or attic for 20 years and have dust, cobwebs and marker that aren’t aesthetically pleasing.

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Rare might be ready to release a game using their own IP for the first time since 2008. Microsoft has renewed the Battletoads trademark and last week Phil Spencer, lead of Xbox, was wearing a t-shirt with a Battletoads logo at the Windows 10 presentation. When asked about it by Gamespot, he said he’s never “worn a t-shirt that’s been a complete head-fake.”


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Battletoads would be a welcome surprise. Rare has been quite dormant since it was acquired by Microsoft in 2003. Kinect Sports Rivals was their last game. It was far from a best seller considering that it required a Kinect that not too many people bought for the Xbox One. I was able to pick up the title for twenty dollars, but I’m probably the only one who actually enjoys the Kinect.

With the Kinect no longer being bundled with the Xbox One, it could be a safe bet that the new Battletoads would not be a motion control filled proof of concept game and perhaps a title that gets people talking about Rare. Hopefully it will be a new title and not a reskinned HD Remake that’s been popular for the past 3 years.

If it’s successful we’ll get my favorite Rare title: Snake Rattle “n” Roll.