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Call Outs / Spots on de_dust2 CS: GO

The most widely played map since its release in Early 2001 has transitioned over to every version of counter-strike. The main reason for d2 being so popular is the even balance between sides and sites. Which offer an easier play for newer players.  We’re going to go over some of the common spots and call outs used by many NA players.

We are going to start out on the Counter-Terrorist side (CT side) and spider out to the Terrorist side (T side) for these spots.

Below we are going to look at CT spawn; this is where the Counter-terrorists spawn upon round start.



When spawned you can go one of two ways as a CT, you can go left which will lead to A, or right which will lead to Middle and B.

We will go over these spots later in the article. Below we will first cover the bomb site leading to the left; A bomb site which has technically 3 entrances is usually covered by 2 players. The first player covers Long A, the second covering CAT. Let’s look at the bomb site A sites and call outs.



Above we are looking at “DEATH RAMP or CT ramp” this is referenced to the 1.6 call death ramp because if you drop from cat with less than 20 HP you would fall to your death. In CSGO damage reduction is much higher when dropping, so not many players die from it any more.



Lets move on to the call outs on cat, in the above screen capture  which is above CT spawn, CAT is a commonly controlled spot on the map by terrorist.

If utility (grenades) executions are utilized correctly it is a very good way to take the A site against the CT players. IN the screen shot above you see CAT to the left and a spot called “ELBOW” to the RIGHT



In the screen capture above we will see “LONG A” this is a very friendly spot to long range rifles like AK-47s and AWPs,

with very little utilities used, this spot can be taken by the T side players, CTs also can easily counter-nade to stop the crossing into A SITE. Here we have “Car side aka Gat spot” this spot is commonly held by CT players to catch T side players off guard. We also see “PIT” which is a very popular spot for Awpers that are trying to get an entry frag into A. When the correct counter spokes are thrown by CT players PIT is virtually useless, which is where “Long a platform” come into use. Most of the counter smokes thrown by CTs are meant to block the awper’s vision from pit, but will not block the vision of players standing on platform long A unless another smoke is used. This allows another point of an entry frag into A. Most of the smokes thrown by the T side players will be in “Connector /Long A crossing” this obstructs vision for the T side players allowing them to cross and provides very easy access into A.







CT side long will be seen in the screenshot above, here you will see 2 of the most common spots held by players.

A corner spot known as “GOOSE” is a spot that can be played by terrorist players when bomb is down and they don’t want to take fire from CAT, this spot also can be held by Counter-Terrorist players if they are overwhelmed by enemy fire on CAT. You also have A ramp, this allows an easy angle/hold on CAT when terrorists are crossing into ELBOW. We will also see a screen capture of “TOP A”, many of the spots are self explainable and labeled.


The screen capture above is “T side Cat” in the screen capture we are looking at “CAT WALK” a path that leads into upper A and A site.

From this screen capture we see “Palm Tree, aka Barrels mid” A common spot where awpers on T side take cover to work a frag off of mid. We also see “suicide”, this is right under T spawn, it is called “suicide” for the blatant fact that if you drop there and a CT is picking mid there is a high chance you will be picked off and killed, the gamble factor is you can get into mid or up CAT fast if you are un-spotted. In my opinion if you have good cover it is a gamble that is worth taking. “Right Side aka green box” is a spot where T side players can hold a very productive angle on CAT, this allows T side players to push into MID with cover from the T side player holding “Green box/right side”.


In this screen capture above we will see “Middle”, middle is the center split of the whole map, depending on which route is taken, middle can lead to A or B which is a very important spot to hold by CT players.

If a T side player gets an entry frag into MID they can work into B site or into A depending on which call was made in the start of the round. (SIDE NOTE: You will learn fast if you are playing CS:GO that this is a game much played off of entry frags and early and good communication by your teammates. For example, if the call was made to take A, but your Mid player gets an entry frag into mid, smokes off ct spawn and then also gets a pick into B, the call to go A will most likely change and players from the T side would rotate and provide support into entering B side and planting the bomb.) We also see “XBOX” here which is a box that provides cover for T side players to attempt entry into MID, this box can also be used by both side players for fast route onto CAT by jumping on the box. “Lower B” another spot annotated in the screenshot, is the lower spot of B tunnels that can be used to execute mid plays and entry frags off of cat. “MID Double Doors” Leads out T side mid to ct side mid, you can take a route to B or to a through CT spawn.


We will now shift over to “T spawn”, t spawn is where terrorist players spawn.


In this screen capture above , we will see “Tunnels T SIDE”and “Upper B Tunnels” B tunnels leads into B and lower B, we will see in the screen captures below. To the right we will see lower B and to the left we will see B entrance.



Here in the screen capture above we see “Tunnel Stairs” this leads to lower B, lower B then leads into mid as seen in earlier screen captures of de_dust2


In this screen capture above we see several important spots held by CT players.

“Head shot box” on “Platform b” is a common spot held by CT awpers, this spot allows awpers to shoot and take cover from T side players coming out of “Tunnel CT side”. This spot can be countered easily with smokes and flashes which we will touch upon later in my write ups. “Left side” leads to a corner much like “CAR SIDE” in A, it provides a spot where a CT side player can catch a T side player off guard when entering into the site. In the next screen capture we will see B bomb site.




In this screen capture above we will go over 4 very common call outs inside b bomb plant area.

“Window” Which can be held by both T and CT players, is a spot that gives vision into CT spawn and outside of B, this spot is usually held after bomb is planted by the T side. It allows T side players to frag players rotating out of mid or CT spawn. “Default spot” is a spot where bomb is planted, this spot allow vision from many angles in the site making it a very useful and common plant spot, from this spot T side players most commonly hold from B tunnels and wait for a bomb defusal sound. “Double Stacks” is a spot where CT players can hold to prevent terrorist from getting into window and “Double doors b” this spot can also be held by T side players when covering bomb planter.




Above we are seeing what the right side of B bomb site looks like “Closet”.

This spot again can be used by players from both sides T and CT, When used by CTs it is used to watch window, DD, B tunnel crossing. When “Closet” is used by T side players it is usually to provide cover to the bomb planter and to hold bomb site after bomb is planted. “Car/Car side” is commonly used to watch B crossing after the T side players enter into B site, when used correctly it is very difficult for T side players to see the CT player right away.



Above we will see a screen capture from “CT spawn” where the article first starts at, here we will see many key calls that are used when playing de_dust2.

“Window” we went over earlier, but this is what it looks like from CT side, this is a key reason why it is a very useful spot on holding MID for CT players. When T side players come from “MID” they most of the time spoke of CT spawn which obstructs any vision to B and “B RAMP”, this makes it very difficult for the A CT players to drop and provide useful support to their teammates holding MID and B, if the MID player is playing MID from “WINDOW” they can hold a push MID and allow players from CAT to push up and provide FLANK cover. “HEADSHOT” box located outside of B “DOUBLE DOORS” is a common spot held by CTs who are pressured to fall back after T side players execute flashes and smokes onto middle, this spot can also be held by T side players and looking for surprise kills after bomb is in B site.

————–Counter Strike Global Offense

This concludes my quick guide to Spots and CALL outs on de_dust2, many of these spots have different callouts/names, so I do understand if something in this guide is not what you or other players may call it. I have taken both NA and EU calls and presented them in this guide.I am a 1.6 player originally, so a lot of the calls myself and players i play with use 1.6 calls. If you have other names/call outs you may use please post them, as i would be glad to also hear what other players call spots on the maps.

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