I’ve been working with Swifty and Takartia324 for about a half of a year but never met them IRL. In typical stream creeper fashion I surprised them with a visit. Takarita324 knew I was coming, gave me the address, but Swifty seemed a little scared when I popped in while they were streaming at an internet cafe because San Francisco has shitty hotel internet.

Check out their own Twitch channels and great personalities.




Looks like speculation was so wild that people assumed a physics optimization event at GDC on March 3, at 3 PM was a press conference. We were trolled by ourselves and we ain’t even sorry.


Valve, creator of Steam and the Half Life series, has teamed up with HTC to develop a Virtual Reality experience. The teaser for the press conference shows a Half Life world. Also the details for the event have a lot of 3s in it.


What do you think?


How Long Do You Feel Entitled to Updates After Buying an iOS Game?.

Please click and read the link above first.

The link is a great article by a friend of mine, @hodapp from Touch Arcade. He brings up a valid point. How long should updates be made available for mobile games?

I have my own personal take on the situation because I developed iOs games when the Apple App Store first came out. As we saw new updates to iOs become available we wanted to make sure our games continued to work at first.


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We were tipped off to this from fellow a Epicpower, Jhonny Thizzlam, about this not so strange way to up your graphics. http://cuttingedgegamer.com thinks that leasing graphics technology is the future.

The idea is graphics cards are constantly changing and have a hefty price tag, so why not have a program to lease a top of the line graphics card!

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