Are Games Just Too Big and Long… that’s what she/he said

Today there has been a conversation on my FB feed prompted by a Polygon report prompted PBS Games video prompted by a CNN article that only 10% of gamers finish games. (That is some Inception shit right there)

My FB friends that are talking about are mainly game developers. The idea of $60 for 60 hours simply translates to a $1 an hour of entertainment value, so it is up to the gamer to figure out how much value they would like to milk from their purchase.

Game development does get a little cheaper over time due to economies of scale, but one thing that never changes is the fact that an hour of labor cost one hour of labor for a contractor.

When I worked as a AAA developer I was lucky to be a contractor. I got paid for every moment of time I put in. The people on salary had to rely on a yearly bonus to make up the over time, and that seemed risky to me.

Personally I tend to get more value from multiplayer games, especially co-op. I have always preferred co-op games since a child. As a married adult I love to play games with my wife and friends. Playing with the wife is console games, mainly WiiU titles. Friends is WiiU or MOBA’s.

We probably have 30 hours in Hyrule Warriors already in co-op, and we wish for more content! The articles/video don’t factor in the different type of content because they are dumb.

Let’s assume they are talking about single player storylines.
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