Are Gamers Entitled?

Gamers Entitled

Some people like to complain. But does that make them entitled?


The video game fandom loves and hates games at the same time. Every time a new hyped video game comes out there’s going to be a side that loves it and another who wishes it had everything that they had originally asked for. If that side doesn’t get their way, there’s usually a big uproar about it on the internet. Which usually begs the question; are video gamers acting too entitled?

This isn’t your father’s video game industry

The video game industry is gigantic. Companies who had no business getting into the game console business 25 years ago (Sony) are now thriving in an economy rivaled only by the Movie industry. Video games are now released in the same fashion: people line up to get their hands on the latest project by their favorite developer. And when there’s disappointment, it’s about 6 times louder because the usual video game price tag is $60 compared to an average movie ticket of $10. So clearly gamers want to make sure that they’re getting the most out of the $60 right?

Well that’s why the entitlement seems overblown. What do you expect for 60 dollars? What could possibly make anybody happy for that amount of money that’s 100% a luxury expense? Well a lot. Sometimes a game that costs that much is the only game a person will buy that month, their whole entertainment budget spent on one game. If that were the case, and it’s becoming like that for me, wouldn’t you want to get the most out of it? What if you felt like you were tricked into spending that $60 because the game you bought didn’t have a large quantity of elements you were assured would be in there?

No Man’s Sky continues to disappoint

Of course I’m talking about No Man’s Sky. The game for the past 3 years was hailed as the masterpiece of the decade and that if you didn’t get this game, there was something definitely wrong with you. No Man’s Sky has had a very shaky release and now that more people have put in a lot of time into the game, it’s really apparent that $60 was way too much to spend on this game. It’s even coming to light that the developers flat out lied about what was going to be in the game as it was developed.

People have been so passionate that a reddit user has compiled a list of things missing from No Man’s Sky. It’s pretty expansive and then apparently it was deleted by that same user. There’s an archive of it still available online. 

Are gamers entitled? The real question should be “Should gamers feel entitled to quality content?” and the answer to that question is yes. To a degree, gamers with a reasonable expectation should feel entitled that the game that they spend money on at the very least contains the content that was promised. Whether or not the game is liked is subjective to the gamer’s tastes for sure. But if someone releases a game that looks half-baked for a full retail price, I’m sorry, but you’re going to get some shade thrown your way.

  • DapperSwindler

    ‘Quality content’ is subjective. And so is hailing a game as the masterpiece of a decade. But what isn’t subjective is flat out stating what will be in the game and not delivering on these statements. Consumes ARE entitled to what developers promise. Doesn’t matter if the game cost $6, $60, or $600.

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