Another Perspective: The Division

Day 1: The Division


This is article one of a series of articles where I place my girlfriend, Kay, in front of a game she’s never played. She’ll play for Twenty minutes and i’ll write about it here.


Without Further ado, Kay plays: The Division!


Before we even start, she’s shocked me. “Do I have to use a controller?” she asks hesitantly. ‘No?’, I replied, a bit taken aback but I didn’t know what she was asking for. ”Good, because I’d rather use Keyboard and mouse anyway..”


Character Creation

As we started the game she spent some considerable time on the character creator, I had forgotten how flat it felt in comparison to other character creators. I usually breeze through my creators but K has always taken her time and thoroughly creates her characters and gives them life. Whereas mine tend to be lifeless chunks of code I happen to play as for a short while.



She decided on creating a woman with dark hair, as she started getting her bearings on the control I realized, Kay is an incredibly fast learner and enjoys a game with a good story: I wondered if I’d come home from work the next day to her playing this.

One thing that’s kind of annoying is this game’s UI, it’s not necessarily straightforward. A game that doesn’t necessarily hold your hand the entire way through is always nice, but sometimes in AAA titles it’d be a good idea for an option of explanation.

Kay says, “The cover system in this game is stupid, you have to hit the spacebar to get in and out of cover..”. I agree with her on this, the cover system in this game is tough to wrap your head around at first, but this is her first time playing so maybe she’ll get used to it quickly?



After she ended the tutorial with the cutscene straight out of a Micheal Bay film she looks at me and asks if she needed to continue playing. I am a firm believer that a game shouldn’t be judged within its first half-hour but I had a feeling no amount of time after that moment would change her mind. Back to Dota it is.


At the conclusion of her time with The Division, Kay went on to talk more about her likes and dislikes of the game.


As someone who plays a lot more games than I happen to finish, hearing her input was refreshing. She said that Destiny was far more fluid in their UI decisions and how you know what you’re supposed to do all the time. I have a feeling she also meant that her getting killed from a flanking NPC may affect how she felt about the game.
Overall I know I’m not the biggest fan of The Division but having someone else give the same issues that I had at launch gives my outlook a bit more weight.