A PC Build Inside look : The Misfit : Chassis


The chassis is able to mount an extra HDD on it’s floor and three extra on the side cage of the case. That’s not including the two that are mountable on the PSU wall bracket.

The Chassis // Bitfenix Prodigy (Orange)  [ Sale : $73.09 // 2013 // NewEgg]


At the beginning of the year I started to finish my build that was a few years in the making. It all started with the chassis you see above, which I ended up owning for about 2 to 3 years before I even added anything inside of it. Then by the end of 2014 I decided to finally go for it and bought a few of the essentials, but not enough to get my baby gaming. Now after all this time, I was able to finish it and after a few months of owning this baby, I can tell you that it runs like a little trooper, if that little trooper was carrying a tank on it’s shoulder.

I decided to go the route of want over need, as in, I decided to buy parts that would go with a certain color scheme, which made it that more expensive, but looking at it now, I am very pleased I did. A PC build without the bare necessities, sure others will put it down, “but you are not even going to look at the insides”, “Just buy the parts that matter”. But that’s not what a pc build is, a pc build is a part of you, it’s something you are proud of, something you want to build from the ground up, but in the way you want to build it. It should express who you are just by looking at it or at least make you feel like it had been created by your very own two hands.

Orange? The chassis was chosen for it’s uniqueness at first, but of course I made my research before buying just any old thing. This baby is one of the most customizable cases you will ever find, falling short to it’s little brother the BitFenix Prodigy M, which is of course a Micro ATX, but the format of a regular tower case. As in you can fit two GPUs in it and sli(two gpu’s working together side by side). Why is that you ask? because unlike my case, which has the motherboard sitting flat, the Micro ATX Bitfenix Prodigy has it’s mother board hanging on the side of the case, which should look natural to any pc owner who has ever opened up their tower. Though I went this route I was still not disappointed and how could you with this well designed piece of machinery. From the removable insides to the glorious handles that make it as portable as a video game console, it was the right choice for me.

The orange of course, was not a attempt by me to be random, but chosen over the fact that the San Francisco Giants is my favorite baseball team of all time, also, I love the color. Orange and Black, Halloween colors too, horror, baseball, gaming, pc building, all in one package, How could I go wrong. When I was doing my research though, the main reason I ended up choosing this case over every other one out there at the time, that where also extremely cheaper than the one chosen by me, was that no matter how much I screwed things up in choosing the parts, this case would of had my back.

If I bought the longest graphics card at the time without knowing about sizes, I could of just removed the top HDD brackets, which I did, If I ended up buying a water cooler and having no room to put it, I would be able to remove the Optical disk tray, which holds the dvd player or fan controller, which I did. But I knew what I was buying before hand, so I didn’t have any scares along the way to a fully built pc, but I did have to adjust some things.

The Bitfenix Prodigy without any slight modifications holds around 12 HDD mounts(probably won’t be able to use them all), not including the optical. Which is a filmographers dream for all the HDD space it would be able to carry, but this is a gaming build and instead of a mini gpu, we want the most powerful of beasts to go inside. So we slide out the top HHD Bay which holds around 4 HDD slots and now your  GPU should be ready to go and in my case my R9 280x. And that’s not even all, The chassis can be wiped out of its brackets and you will still end up with enough places to mount your HDD’s on without the feeling of losing options, but instead you gain options, like the option to go the water-cooling route.

You will still be able to mount the HDD’s you had planned to before, but on the floor of the chassis instead, but with the option to mount two more HDD’s on the PSU bracket and three more on the cages on the left side of the case.

Now to continue with the heavy customization theme this case has going for it we can throw in some of the Bitfenix branded parts that where made specifically for this case, which makes it easier for the non modder/casual pc enthusiast to bring some extra flare into their lives. With a side panel window and a front meshed panel for your extra cooling preferences, not to mention the color cables that will make the insides of you baby give you goosebumps every time you look inside of it.

All in all this is my case of choice, I recommend it, it goes to the extremes to please you with every single one of your demands, making the Bitfenix Prodigy chassis brand, one to go unnoticed if you are shopping for your very first build. Verdict? Buy It.