A PC Build Inside look : The Misfit : Personalizing It

What I would Like To Work On


After all the very important deeds are done and you have your baby all set up and running, what do you do next? you personalize it, well I did and do plan to continue. I wanted the colors to flow from the outside to the inside of my PC case and even when all was said and done, I wanted my OS and desktop to show up to the field and play, so it could be a part of the team too. Yeah, there might be more that I can do to the inside of my case to make it blown out crazy, but I am not looking to throw down $10 on each individual cable by Bitfenix, just yet, especially since for a few cents you can get an average black looking Sata cable. Though the beautifully threaded wires would make the whole thing pop, but sometimes its just not worth the price of admission. Well not at the moment at least.

Watercooling? Don’t need it, I was thinking of swapping out the Noctua fans for ones with LEDs though, but Noctuas fans are some of the most top tier fans you can have on your CPU radiator and inside your PC, so you would be a fool to even think of getting rid of those, maybe paint them, now that seems like an excellent idea, but for now, taking the whole rig apart doesn’t seem like a thing I want to do. Maybe even paint the radiator too? I don’t even know how that would work or even where to start. But in the end, I would skip on the whole watercooling aspect of personalizing my rig, especially since it’s a hobby within itself and a expensive one at that. Even then, I have one of the best CPU coolers out, so I am fine with what I have.

New Drives are on the top of my list, currently I am working with some old hardware and the old HDD’s are chunky slabs of metal that require it to have the brackets still installed in my pc, but I do plan on changing the OS to an SSD and the programs onto either a new hard-drive or bolted to the bottom of the case. A new 2TB HDD external or internal for all my media needs (pics, videos, cam footage etc. etc.) By doing this I can remove that ugly bracket and create more breathing room in my case and let it all look a lot more cleaner with the room I would now have to move cables around, so I could present them through a sexy window. P.S. cleaning up your cables keeps your PC cool, with perfected air flow.

Painting my hardware is something I keep in mind especially when it comes to my GPU, many hard-drives have ways for the protective shell design on top of it to be removed, but is a tricky process, because if you tear any of the ribbons or pieces attached inside, you can permanently break you graphics card. It seems like a great activity to lose time too, but I am still trying to decide whether to do it or not, it’s not really demanding or require a lot of skill, but requires me to buy the paint, which is something I don’t have right now and I am still looking for the right color for the project.  I was also thinking of instead coloring the whole thing, that I would just color the silver trim, which seems like it would be a lot cooler than the whole thing being orange, still trying to decide the format of how to paint it, maybe even a design or two, hmmmm, thinking of what to cut into a stencil.

Accessories are the way to go if you can’t afford all the little expensive threaded cables or LED modifications within the case, like how I bought this really cool keyboard on sale on newegg and it had an orange Starcraft Two theme with a hint of blue too it that really kicked my set up into gear. I am still looking to buy this mouse I found with glowing orange LEDs, but need to spare some change for it, but it’s going to look so rad when I finally get my hands on it.

Mousepad? I usually just use any hard surface I can find, like the table or the floor, where ever I happen to be using my pc at the moment.

Splash Screen? There is a chance that you most likely do not know what this is, but at the start of your pc’s boot, an image swiftly appears, that you will miss if you even blink, but I just wanted to take my customization to that extent and created my own with the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. It feels like she is welcoming me to my PC every time I boot The Misfit, now if only I could tweak the timing, now that would be great.

I forgot what software I used to customize my splash screen, but I am pretty sure it was from the Gigabytes utilities, which is also great, since not only is the Gigabyte mobo It came with orange and  black, but the utilities color scheme matched making everything sync perfectly.

Windows 10 App page with my wallpaper just chilling in the back.

Taking it a bit further I decided to make my Youtube, Google Chrome and Windows 10 match the color scheme along with my dashboard wallpaper and website as well.


It’s not really important to the aspect of pc building but it is a fun one, especially when it comes to the designs, it’s just another chance to put a little more of you into your project. And heck, why not?

YouTube Header

Put some love into it, after all you put all that cash and work in, might as well just go all out.

my web browsers skin




They are great and sometimes scare people off, because they might assume that it takes some serious hardware and cutting or soldering of important parts, but fret not, there are simple ones out their that we can all do and here are a few I plan to do myself.

One of the things I would love to do in the future is make one of these Mirror windows for my Misfit, but a cheaper version of it all, with just the window and magnet strips that hold the window panel onto the case. It’s very beautiful and I will try to go for the legit method and use the authentic parts that where use for the original mod, but it will all come down to the price everything costs. I would also leave the front panel off, just to save a bit and also I enjoy the look of my grilled mesh front, that I also already paid money for. I would also love to equip it with some LEDs and a Giant LED fan for the mesh that would illuminate it from inside out.

Painting, yes my friends! painting. Don’t be scurred, “but I might paint something and realize I despise the look of it or paint on something I didn’t mean too” , well look at what I have hear, friend. A special paint that is made out of plastic and hardens over your hardware. The paint is called Plasti Dip, it is easily removable, “how removable? you ask, well you can tear it  straight off with any sharp object, yes, even your fingernails, you can also improvise and paint on other things and get creative.

Now with plasti dip in the picture you can have some real fun. By having this new tool in your arsenal you will be able to do all sorts of things, even though I haven’t used the product yet to confirm all my speculations, I am pretty sure they will be down right close to what I have in mind.

I want to make myself an emblem and I want to do it cheap. And If I am right the paint will harden over the a piece or two of cardboard depending if I stack em or not, for strength. After doing all that I want to stick it on the front of the grill to make it look awesome, and maybe have it illuminate LED’s from the fan I plan to buy for the mesh front. Maybe you have more of a creativeness spirit than I do? You can go full out with the cosplay material they call Worbla and make fins and crazy exterior modifications for your pc, you imagine it, you can do it. Maybe you don’t even need Worbla, but can use a sturdy cardboard instead?

Well, that’s about all I can come up with for the time being as of now, but I am sure the fight to make this baby as personal as possible is far from over and I am more than pretty sure, that there will be more mods out their to inspire me in the future to come, but for now these seem to be about it, so take it easy, You ain’t gotta go home, but you gotta get the hell up out of here.