A PC Build Inside look : The Misfit : OS & The Art Of Drives


Windows 10 PC OS [ Free ]

Western Digital BLACK SERIES 750GB 2.5″ 7200RPM [ Open Box // $44.81 // Amazon ]


There was a long, long time where I could not go a day without my pc crashing and this was the time before this build even existed, but the thing that I had noticed from the start was that all this was occurring because of a single 700GB Hard-drive trying to handle all of these operations and files, which ended up with me losing data time after time, from having to freshly install the OS, time after time. So what fixed it all? HDD’s specifically for the OS, Programs, Video Games and Everything Else aka the Media Drive. I know this is just more of a thing for me when it comes to programs, but I do it just to keep everything smooth and guarantee me a day without a headache, since fighting your pc can be a struggle in itself. Also one more thing, a Full drive or near to full drive is chaos to a pc, don’t do it, unless you want to have brain pain and gain anger stains all over your face mang.

I am currently repping a pretty old 60GB HDD for my OS, but I plan on updating it in the future to an SSD to help the console run smoother and a lot more care free then the old little bug holding everything together at the time being. I also have a old 80GB which takes care of the programs for me, even though that may be a little much, scratch that overkill for what you will truly need for programs, especially since I have a separate Western Digital 750GB Black edition HDD just for my video games and its programs, which include the Steam, Origin and GoG Galaxy PC apps. Though for the time being the WD HDD is also holding my media files until I get me a cheap 2TB HDD for all my videos and pictures which will not be in need of the power the black edition drive achieves. The black and blue drives are the best for gaming pc’s and is common knowledge for one to stay away from the icky boogy green, but when it comes to having a HDD with a heavy duty chassis the black edition WD is the way to go, especially in a very close together case where your HDD’s will be vibrating from all the fans that are in close proximity to it, which also depends on the tower you have, FYI my mini ITX, everything is cramped up, so the vibration from the fans are not far off from any of the components.


 Windows 8.1 [ Sale // $20.40 // G2A ]


When I was building my PC I knew I was going to be in need of a OS, so of course being like minded like everyone else who doesn’t feel the need to drop down over $80 on an OS I went to the internet in search of a deal, but no matter where I went it was impossible to find anything under $80. It is basically the set price, no going down, just going up, but with some luck, after searching for some bargain games on G2A, I ended up running into a fountain spewing gold as their it was, Windows 8.1 for $20. It’s probably the cheapest you will find a OS and I am also person who always has to ask the questions, especially when it’s too good to be true, but in the end I decided not to ask any, even if it seemed shady, it was just too good to pass up. The best thing about it was the free upgrade to Windows 10, which set me up quite nicely. A brand new PC, with moderately new hardware and a brand new and fresh OS, things can’t get better than this. The hunt basically felt like a game within itself.