A PC Build Inside look : The Misfit : GPU & Cooling

The GPU (Graphics Card) [ Used: $138 // 2015 // Ebay]


The R9 280x was my GPU of choice for it’s price power ratio, which is a hell of a life saver if you are scrounging for cash to begin with. AMD is your friend, but like every other friend it’s not just going to give you everything on a platter, it’s going to come with it’s downsides as well. So you have to find ways to work around and strengthen them.

Because when it comes to enclosing steal and heat, they don’t mix and after picking up the R9 280x for cheap in a bidding war, I was left with artillery hot enough to burn the face straight off of the Incredible Hulk, a scorcher of a monster may I say. The AMD brand is no joke, because when they bring the heat they bring the heat. And as soon as I started to bump up on those high pixelated booties, my PC started to crash on me, so what do you do when your baby is hungry? you feed it! and you do it right, it want’s to eat, so let it, but make it comfortable for it at the same time, no need for crashes, no time fo dat.

And once you come through, it will come through for you and reward you with some of the most glorifying gameplay you have ever experienced in your life and I just don’t mean glorious, I mean Jaw Drop Glorious.

StarTech.com TX3 Fan Power Splitter Cable – 6-Inch (TX3SPLITTER) [ $1.12 // Amazon ]


The first thing I picked up was a fan splitter for my unused fan that was attached to the top of the case, A fan splitter allows two fans, or however many the splitter you bought can power, to be used simultaneously while it attaches to a single fan port on the motherboard. Which was really needed in my case, since the only other port was being taking up by LVAD of the heart AKA the CPU cooler.

BitFenix Mesh-Front Panel [$24.73 // Newegg]


The 2nd pick up, was a mesh front panel that was exclusively made for the Bitfenix Prodigy brand for this exact reason, cooling! and right off the bat, just by looking at it, you could tell, It was going to supply the breeze you needed from it all along, because with a quick glance at it you can already see the back of the wall right through the case. Which brought a smile to my eyes, yes! it was exactly what I needed. It was visually striking, all black mesh, but if you look at it just right you can see the large honey combed pattern that allows the whole design to come together quite nicely, while not holding it back for the specificity it was intended for and that is, keeping your PC build from ever having to take off their super cool Ray Ban sunglasses, booooyakasha!!!!

Gigabytes V Tuner [Free]


Now we have our rig all cool and collected, but we are not out of the woods yet, because everything else was just support to keep the case cool, which of course keeps the GPU cool while it’s at it, but the most important thing is to keep the GPU cool and their is no other way besides water cooling to do that other than a GPU fan tuner, it allows you to boost your speed to top notch speeds when you need it the most, sure you may hate the loud noise coming from the tower, but then you would have had to over pay for a slightly used Nvidia card, that isn’t even as powerful as the AMD cards around the same price range. A 80% boost will do and luckily you will only have to bare with it for gaming, but if you are like me, it doesn’t take you out of the experience at all or is it noticeable, it’s just that some people have to be highly sensitive about everything.

Now, there are a few more updates I need to make for the future that I want for my build and will also help the style and cooling of my pc, but I am un-able to make them for now, but in the future I hope to add another splitter or a replacement for the current one to add 3 fan ports, so I can have both of the fans on the top of my case, while a large one blows air into it from the center, but you know me, I always need something extra, so the front panel fan will of course be equipped with it’s very own LED’s which will come straight through the mesh and light up my room at nights. Which I also would like to replace the two top fans in the case with led versions of the two.

So what did we learn today? Keep it cool, so just chill bro and relax as you sit back and play your days away, hey one day you might even be able to join me and The Misfit for some crazy action, but until I upgrade my CPU, this is as close as it will get for now.