99Gamers Review


I have a decent amount of games that I don’t care to have in my collection and have been looking for ways to offload them. I have been selling on Amazon and putting that money towards games that I want. I’ve been able to buy Ducktales 2, a New Majora’s Mask 3DS and the Collector’s edition bundle with Skull Kid figurine.

But not all things sell. I was recently pointed to 99gamers.com by a member of a gaming circle that I’m in. Since a real person that I knew had good things to say about it, I figured that I would give it a shot.

Here’s how it works

You have games to trade and you list them online like Craigslist. You then set a price. But they don’t pay with cash, you pay with coins. Coins that you earn by trading games. Once a user agrees to buy your game, 99gamers send you an email and you must confirm that you will ship the game. You get 2 days to respond. Once you confirm, then you take a picture of the front and back of the case, the back of the disc and the inside of the case. All of this is done to protect you, the seller. The seller is responsible for shipping. Once the buyer receives the item, they leave the feedback and you get your coins.


My experience

I decided that I would part with my Star Wars Battlefront 2 from Xbox. It’s pretty pricy, but I decided to let it go for 30 coins. It has no real sentimental value and I got it for next to nothing. I confirmed shipping, put it in the mail and it was on its way. About a week later after the buyer confirmed he received the item, I was able to get my 31 coins. Pretty straight forward.

Likes: Easy to unload some games that are fairly popular and the community is growing. Also it’s easy to communicate with a seller/buyer. No fees either.

Dislikes: The website is terrible – There is no mobile site and when you click on a game it opens in the next tab. Even on the desktop, the website is incredibly slow.



Also the feedback system is a bit skewed. You have 2 days to respond to a purchase response. After the second reminder, the buyer has the option to cancel the order. If they cancel the order, you get neutral feedback and a banner on your name stating you failed to ship the last item.  They could at least give you the option to respond to the email stating you’ll commit to ship. I unfortunately sold something over the weekend when I was away from my computer. Sunday night I had a cancellation. If the mobile site had worked, it wouldn’t have been a big deal.


99Gamers is a good site nonetheless. It has its quirks. There’s some people on the site who price their items way too high and some items are listed as physical but are digital downloads, but that’s to be expected. If you’re patient, there’s some good deals to be had and I hope to use them more in the future. So go forth and trade some games!