Dragon Quest Slime Edition Playstation Vita

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Who said the PlayStation Vita is dead?

Well many people have, but that’s besides the point. And if you are one of the few people still supporting the console and enjoying all the amazing power and punch the Vita has to offer, then I recommend bringing some spice into your life with the Limited Edition Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition PlayStation Vita Console that will be released on January 28th on Play-Asia.com¬†. The Slime Edition Vita is of course inspired by the previous Slime Edition PlayStation 4 console that had come out in Japan on the year of 2014 and just like it’s predecessor the PlayStation Vita version is also easy on the eyes.

PlayStation Vita back

The Dragon Quest Slime Edition sets itself apart from the rest with its of course sleek metal design, but in what other aspects does the Slime Edition Vita shine? Well for one, The decal on the back touch pad is customized with the iconic Dragon quest slime, who also happens to grace us with it’s presence on the up button on the D pad. And just like the Playstation 4 version, what would a Slime edition console be without a Babble icon statue sitting on your console, which in this case is in form as a headphone jack plug in.

PlayStation Vita headphone plug, statue, figurine

The Slime Edition will come in fun treasure shaped package with the Sigil of Edrick printed on the top

Along with a Japanese copy of Dragon Quest Builders that you will want to get your hands on. But as we glance over this iconic piece of art and memorabilia, we still end up coming out cringing, because even though this is a thing of beauty, the price range is not something to be desired. If you are one of the few who absolutely can not go on without this edition of the Vita in your collection and/or must have it to match you Slime Edition PlayStation 4 console, then you are going to be set back $399.99. But then again, this is an imported console, that will only be released in Japan, so thank god for  Sony and there region free ways, this baby can now be yours and played in which ever region you desire. Stay Greasy my friends.

This is what comes inside the Playstation Vita Slime Bundle