Hatred Review

Platforms : Steam

Price: $19.99

Exaggerated, over-hyped, these are words that come to mind when I think of the whole Hatred fiasco that was occurring while on its road to launch. It was one of the biggest controversy’s occurring in gaming at its time, with everyone either trying to get rid of the game for good or have it added back onto Steam, after it was pulled off the store by the head honcho’s at Steamworks themselves. In the end we ended up hearing from both sides, “it’s our human right to have freedom of expression and speech and play this game” etc. etc. “This game is a hate crime and if you play it, it should be considered as one” etc. etc. After all was said and done, it was released, people played it and like every other game out there, it was forgotten. Now we’re here or should I say, still here, because the world didn’t turn into THE PURGE, will it did, but we have Black Friday to blame for that or ourselves, you’re free to choose.

The Hatred:
So how was the game and was it all it was cracked up to be? No it really wasn’t, it had practically the same dialogue or one that was really similar to it at the start and end of each and every level I had played, with the same gimmicky one liners looping throughout the campaign. Everyone exaggerated it, over-hyped it, made it into a monster before they even got there hands on it. I understand why everyone felt the way they felt, but in the end, we have played this game, it was just masked with controversy and controversial dialogue that deliberately hinted and pointed at what you where doing and made it into a whole quest and objective. They even added executions that made it seem a lot worst then it really was. This game is GTA 2 and GTA 3 and about every GTA game after it, with far less offensive executions then Gears of War and Mortal Kombat. In matter of fact, there’s a game that a few have bought this year, that has basically the same premise. The only difference is that it’s made to look silly and is allowed to be played on Twitch Tv, what’s the game you ask? It’s Party Hard by Tiny Build games. You play as a serial killer, you go to these random parties and straight up slaughter everyone and dump the bodies, so the other party attendees don’t discover them, so you can continue killing everyone at the party. That’s basically it.

I would say though, Rumors basically killed and made Hatred. Killed as in, it was basically banned everywhere, including Twitch and the controversy behind it made it be reviewed a lot more harshly than other games, but then again I wouldn’t really disagree with many of the negative reviews out there. It was really repetitive, once you where done with the tutorial, you where basically stuck doing the same thing over and over again, with the tutorial weapons being almost half of the arsenal you will end up using. The dialogue started to be a pain to listen to after a while, not because it was offensive, because it wasn’t, I don’t even think I heard anything really slanderous, or anything really offensive at all throughout the time I had hands on with it. Most of it felt cheesy to be honest. After a bit though, the black and white visuals and clever like gimmicks started to wear off fast, to the point you where basically left with an empty GTA game, a GTA game that was missing it’s charm. I know this is hard for some to take in though, but this could of actually been an enjoyable game and one worth playing. So far this team has shown us that they have the skills to make a great looking game with marvelous physics to roam around in, but from what I’ve seen are lacking in every other department.

Hope In All This Darkness:
There was some good out of this if you see it the way I do and that is, that the controversy most likely made the developers enough money, that they could actually work on a game they are really really passionate about. Since Hatred felt like an engine for a game they couldn’t have made with the expenses they had at hand. And honestly, I hope they do make another game and stray away from needing controversy to sell it and use the game to speak for itself. When I played this game on there engine, all I could see is how marvelous an open top down world with color and a detective such as Dick Tracy roaming around it would of been, especially when riding around town in a classical cartoony like car, chasing down mobsters. They have a lot of amazing in there hands, I just hope they see what they have in front of them and actually wow us positively next time or negatively, just make the game live up to the expectations, make it something worth playing.

Although everything so far seems negative, I do love this game. The environments are amazingly detailed and if it weren’t a game where you were in wanted level mode throughout the whole experience, while playing in black and white setting, maybe just maybe, you could take in the true beauty a lot more. The roads, basketball courts, the houses and everything inside them, the amount of content that each and every building is filled with is Incredible. It’s like they spent there blood, sweat and tears on the world of Hatred, so much so that they forgot to make an actual game, so they just made you do the same thing over and over again throughout the whole campaign to try to make up for it. Which didn’t work, I’m going to say it again, I believe they have a template in there hands that can lead them to bigger and better things and this was just a test project for them. Well I at least hope it was, In a few years, time will tell.


The Bad
-repetitive gameplay
-repetitive dialogue
-lacking in weapons
-once you finish the tutorial, you are basically set to do the same thing over and over again
-it felt repetitive from the start (games are repetitive, that’s a fact, but the amazing ones make the repetitive really hard to notice when you are playing them, to the point that you have forgotten that you have been doing the same repetitive thing for hours, sometimes even days.)
-Open World are all separated into levels, would of been nice for it all to have been one huge free roam map.
-black and white
AI- Can be really really dumb sometimes
Driving- It’s pretty wonky, either that or I’m a bad driver
-Lacking in vehicle variety
-The whole thing felt like an empty shell with an actual game ready to be added to it.

The Good
The physics- May be hard to see during your destructive play through, but all the details of every item being destroyed with the impact of the bullets and explosives that interact with them is amazing.

The Environment – being able to walk into every house is something we have wanted to see in GTA in like forever, this little team had done this, the people ran out of the houses and knew they where in them, you could go up stairs, kick down doors, shoot and break windows. There where parks, basketball courts, rail roads, working trains (that you couldn’t operate or enter), police stations you could roam around in, with jails with actual prisoners in them. parties and people doing everyday things in there homes before you disrupted them. It was pretty fantastic seeing this in a game for once, all in the 1st level.

Vehicles – yes this little game has drive-able vehicles you can ride around town.

– The developers have the skills to make a masterpiece that we all can one day cherish in our massive library of games

-The details they put into each level is balls to the wall amazing


-mini free roam, open world levels

AI-love the fact that the police drive to where you are and follow you into houses and up the stairs, the people party in the house, run out etc. etc.

-Driving your car through buildings

Choose Your Own Adventure Score:
1 Hated Console Peasant out of 5


3 Hairless Mogwais out of 10