YouTube has changed their partnership program requirements leaving a lot of small YouTubers out in the cold

January 17th was the day that a lot small YouTubers got  a message from YouTube stating that the partnership program that allows creators to make money off of ads played on their videos would be changing. Normally it wouldn’t be that big of a deal for creators already in the program, but YouTube stated that the requirements would be retroactive.

The new requirements are that channels have 1000 subscribers minimum and at least 4000 watch hours in 1 year. While that’s hardly a feat for an established YouTuber, smaller channels that have been scraping buy with $100 revenue a month will no longer see that paycheck starting in February.

And that’s really a shame, but as a YouTube creator that didn’t meet the criteria of the Partnership Program when I first started, it’s not as bad as people are making it out to be.

What happens to YouTubers who are being removed from the program?


YouTubers who were initially in the program that no longer meet the current criteria won’t see too big of a change. They will still be able to keep their current URL, they’ll still be able to put end cards at the end of their video and they’ll still be able to schedule videos. They just won’t receive a paycheck.

For channels that started after the first change last year (10K lifetime views to be considered a partner) this is business as usual. Nothing will change. I started my channel last March, I have 169 subscribers and about 30 hours of watch time spread across 50 videos. I will still see no money, but I will have access to the features that I mentioned above.

Why is YouTube hurting small YouTubers?


The short answer is money. The long answer is a bit more complicated. Muddled in the hysteria of small YouTube creators and lack of communication from YouTube, is a reason that makes more sense than “Logan Paul is the reason for this change”

Logan Paul is not the reason for this change. Logan Paul is not a small YouTuber. YouTube simply cannot guarantee that advertisers can place their ads in front of eyes of people that will actually engage in the ad.

Adjusting the YouTube partnership to focus more on engagement rather than clicks can assure advertisers that their product isn’t going to be featured. The side effect of this means that YouTubers who have been partners for years will no longer be partners and will cease to make money. Whether or not these YouTubers continue to make content despite not making money is something that remains to be seen.

What can small YouTubers do now that they are no longer Partners?


Small YouTubers who used to be partners and will not meet the threshold in the 30 days will be removed from the partnership program. This can be discouraging, however, creators can still make revenue on other platforms like Patreon and Twitch if they choose to stream. Super Chat on YouTube live is restricted to partners, so making money on YouTube live might not be viable.

If no one is paying you to make content, you can continue to do it for free as a hobby or you can quit. It doesn’t seem like YouTube is giving any more options at this time.

While established YouTubers who have been critical of YouTube’s policies in the past like Philip DeFranco, Jim Sterling, and Boogie2988 have expressed sympathy for small Youtubers, they did offer some sage advice:

Don’t fall for sub for sub groups. While 1000 subscribers is necessary for the partnership program, that’s only half the battle. People subbing to your channel must also watch your content and engage in that content. If you have people subbing and not watching, it will be even more discouraging than it is now. A channel with 1000 subs but only 30 views per video doesn’t look appetizing to potential subscribers and really won’t look good to potential advertisers.

Established YouTubers also recommend branching out. Boogie2988 gave the best advice and that’s treat YouTube as another social media platform instead of an income source.

While the hammer is falling on Small YouTubers this time, larger YouTubers have been affected by unreliable demonitiztion protocols that result in one or more videos losing revenue entirely based on a machine determining if your content is suitable for advertisers. This stings hard on YouTubers like ProZD who consistently produces millions of views, but monetization returns after content is falling from the trending slot and losing views.


Is this the end of YouTube as we know it?


If you think this is the end of YouTube because of how they treat creators, you haven’t been paying attention. Large corporations and media companies have dominated YouTube for quite some time. Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, SNL, and other late night personalities use YouTube to reach casual audiences and place their own agreed upon ads on their content regardless of YouTube’s content polices of that particular date and time.

I started my YouTube channel with the expectation that I wouldn’t see any revenue for at least 3 years if at all. Super Nicktendo will always be a hobby for me and the second it stops being fun is the second I stop doing it and move on to another hobby.


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Players participating in the open beta will be able to try out a limited number of online and offline modes including World Match and Battle Tutorial over the 48-hour open beta period. Eleven characters will be playable in the open beta including: Goku (Super Saiyan), Vegeta (Super Sayian), Gohan (Adult), Frieza, Cell, Kid Buu, Krillin, Piccolo, Nappa, Android 18, and Beerus.

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As a quick background, my name is Tim, I’m normally known as TeamNVIDIA_Tim and Timfinitee. I pretty much went MIA and was nowhere to be seen in the gaming industry when I started attending a Coding Bootcamp, it was two and a half months that felt like an eternity.

I recently attended the Playcrafting SFO Winter Expo, it was a gathering of about 50 indie game dev booths presenting and collecting feedback for their games, about 500 attendees filled the floor.

There were a few booths I jumped onto and they were great! I got to play an adorable fixed shooter called “College Quest,” I played a First-Person Spear chucking game called “Ka’poon,” and I had a blast playing a Multidirectional shooter made by a former SJSU Game Dev member (unfortunately I was unable to catch the game’s name). It was a fun experience trying those games out, but the most beautiful thing I got from it was that it was someone’s art. To share and feel the joy from these games, it definitely gave me a stronger appreciation for these demos.

I then went over to the area where the Playcrafting SFO students were working on their game projects and the Playcrafting SFO staff went over the curriculum. This is where I had a moment of clarity; I couldn’t help but notice that the students were happy.

Coding was a tough learning experience, and my Coding Bootcamp experience seemed to have deeply embedded thoughts that coding is roughly for business. But Playcrafting SFO’s event has inspired me to take the focus off being militant in what you write, and strive to enjoy anything you build.

Though there are nightmarish stories about being a game dev that circulate within the industry, the reward of purely enjoying what you make is something that definitely outweighs the fear. I’m truly inspired by this event and there’s now a part of me that would like to pursue some game development myself, props to you Playcrafting SFO!

The next Playcrafting SFO event will be the Spring Play Game Expo, it’ll be held on April 26th, 2018. Check out their eventbrite page for details!

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Playstation 4 Pro deals:

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Nintendo 2DS deals:

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So the Last of Us Part 2 trailer dropped. I honestly didn’t know it was coming and I got super excitebike to wake up to Twitter friends gushing about it. Last of Us is in my top 10 favorite video games. It left me emotional after playing the main story because frankly I didn’t want to kill the doctors. I stumbled around for 15ish minutes trying to come to terms that the game was forcing me to kill the doctors because I was not me, I was the main character and that’s what he would do in that situation.

Back to Last of Us Part 2. I’m guessing that the woman being hung is Ellie. Where is Joel? Dead? Playing chess because he retired?

The graphics look stunning and I believe it will look danktober fest on the PS4 Pro. The scene is very gory, and I believe this trailer eclipses the gore of the first chapter. Other people that have been hung are gutted and another woman is dragged over to have her “wings clipped”. When that first arrow pierces one of the wing clipper’s cheek I knew this was going to be a treat. How cool would a Netflix season of this be?

Here is the previous trailer from 2016

the upsidedown stranger things bar

This has nothing to do with games, but since most of the EPG peeps are 80’s kids and nerds we really loved Stranger Things on Netflix. We are also huge fans of the Emporium video game bar in Chicago.

I’m hoping Starship gets over to check out the Emporium bar before the shutdown in Logan Square. Check out this amazing cease & desist letter the coolest lawyer ever sent to the proprietors.

All press is good press right?!

Netflix Letter 'Stranger Things' Pop-Up Bar by Mina Bloom on Scribd

My Nintendo Switch was getting barely any love from me or my waifu. It’s not from lack of content because there has been a steady stream of content lately. The Switch hurts my darn hands and wrists!

this is pretty much me, full of ouch

I thought about 3D printing something that would give the joycons some depth, something to grasp onto but I am a busy person without time to make it worthwhile. Lucky for me Skull & Co. (sweet name for a company) had the same issue and decided to not be lazy like myself. They created a silicon wrap that has areas to allow hands to have something to grip to.

The grips are colored in a range of Nintendo Switch-esque palettes. I ordered the neon yellow because I like to party. It comes with 2 types of grips that you can change out depending on what you feel is most comfortable. Also included is a case that has room for the Switch with the GripCase, battery charger, games, and cables.

The price is a little high, starting at $46 but does include free shipping. I was concerned when I saw that Skull & Co. are based in Australia because shipping can be quite high but since it is included there are less worries.

The GripCase is scheduled to ship in October 2017. I look forward to playing games as an adult and not worrying about cramping carpal tunnel! Let us know if you order one!

This is utterly amazing. The voice of Cartman says, “Don’t worry this doesn’t affect combat, just every other aspect of your whole life.” It is really the most South Park thing they could do.

I talked to my friend Lee @malic3tv about this and he said:

It should affect combat. It should make your hit harder and jump higher.
That’s why I love him.

Can't wait for this game

Twitter on August 7 tweeted that they are now live streaming Esports events. This is big news as the hype around Esports and the capital behind it continues to swirl around in a pool of aspirations and new job opportunities for game players.

From that clip I learned they got Lloyd Christmas to be in their promotional video.

Watching Esports on Twitter feels quite a bit different than Twitch. There is a way to talk to other viewers by tweeting with a hashtag automatically applied to the message. You can see, like, retweet, or reply to other tweets on the side timeline.

Full screen mode removes the twitter feed and shows the video at full size. It decent quality, but how does it compare to Twitch quality? Twitch allows a viewer to switch their resolution. I was able to stream the Dreamhack CSGO Masters on both platforms simultaneously and from the human Jared eye they look very very similar. Both had artifacting at full screen on my 4k Dell 27 inch monitor.

Twitter Esports Full Screen

Twitch Esports Full Screen

I experienced video ads while watching both Twitter and Twitch, so there is really no escaping them without ad blocking software on Twitter. Twitch gives you the option to Subscribe to the stream and remove the advertisements. The starting price is $4.99.

The experience is fairly similar on mobile. Both platforms have an app that allows the best viewing experience. The video quality of the streams seems better due to the smaller screen size. It is not as easy for the eye to scrutinize the artifacting from the compression.

All in all, it is exciting to see Esports get more outlets for viewership. The entire genre of gaming and sports will be more accessible to new audiences and hopefully continue to grow into mainstream water cooler talk.