Toys R Us recently announced that they are closing 180 stores including the one that I used to go to as a kid.


If you were a kid between 1960 and today, chances are you went to Toys R Us at least once. And if you didn’t,  you at least heard of  it. Maybe you heard the catchy jingle that kids at school changed the words to and made it dirty. Regardless, Toys R Us is definitely a staple of United States culture.

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carlos from NY bitconnect BCC

WARNING: These memes may make you want to invest in BCC Bitconnect.

Bitconnect is a word that I’ve seen often through the past 2 years. They heavily advertise their service and incentivize their users to do a lot of marketing for them. I never used Bitconnect because guaranteed gains on wealth are never true. I felt anything saying, “Our site will give you 10% gains every so many days” is something to run from.

A lot of folks were not like me and got into it. Yes, people did make a lot of money if they bought early on and sold in December 2017. Yes people lost a lot of money if they held onto their BCC coins from the December high till recently in January 2018.


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Who needs Kickstarter when you have the MLB?

When it comes to sports games none have done it better than EA. From Madden to Fifa, The Skate series, you name it, they’ve done it and succeeded. Even last year when they released their 2K Basketball competitor, NBA Live. It still managed to somehow stand its ground  against 2K’s new open world feature that they curved out onto the playing field.

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